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My name is Leah and I have loved essential oils since 2001.  When I first started using them I got too overwhelmed with how to do what and what oil was best used for what (already confused?!).  I gave up.

About 5 years ago after losing beloved friends and family to cancer, I was determined to remove toxic chemicals from my home.  One step at a time I began chipping away at each item and then I was ready to tackle prescriptions.  I was introduced to Young Living and found how easy it was with accessible resources to learn and become empowered to make the necessary changes.

Today our home is about 85% chemical free.  We are taking the baby steps.  I didn’t want to get overwhelmed again.  My journey with Young Living has been slow and steady and I am thrilled with the results.  The number one contributing factor is the family of oil lovers I have access to (and you can too!).

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